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Obrolan random tentang ujian di sore hari H-1 SOOCA (Student Objective Oral Case Analysis alias ujian kasus) IPD berakhir di:
"Iya nih ful.. Besok gue sooca IPD, kamis gue ujian kulit, jumat gue ujian psikiatri. Dan visum harus beres minggu ini. Gue butuh obat anti-cemas kayaknya." -Matt Biondi.
Seorang Matt Bi, legenda angkatan FK Unpad 2008, yang pas wisuda ditepukin paling kenceng *pake banget*, karena against all odds berhasil lulus (dan tepat waktu) pun sampe minta obat anti cemas untuk minggu ini ahahaha.
Mungkin kalo dicek ke psikolog, kebanyakan anak FK punya anxiety disorder yang acquired kali ya. karena emang sering banget emosi dan perasaan rasanya kaya dibanting-banting di koas. berasa naik roller coaster. ditambah belakangan ini banyak tuntutan tugas yang harus selesai terkait kelulusan yang HARUS tepat waktu. belum lagi persiapan untuk Ujian Kompetensi Dokter Indonesia yang akan berlangsung Agustus nanti.
May Allah ease. Do'akan ya, fulki besok ujian terakhir se…

Surrounded by

Yes, I know it will be bohhh~ring if I tell you againand again of me being unwell in koas. But one thing for sure, the sum of me being sick in koas is way more often than me being sick from birth to before koas. Only two weeks gap between sickness is very possible. Actually it happens, a lot.
It proves something. My lifestyle needs improvement.  My daily intake is randomize, I can eat more than 3 times a day, and not eat anything in the next day. I rarely took any supplements (yes, this workload need significance amount of supplements). I scarcely do sport; only once a week jogging is not enough. I drink coffee 2 cups per day. I still eat junk-food often. The list is still going on and on...
My biggest enemy is my own-selves. I lack self-discipline when it comes to maintaining healthy life-style. Come on, self-discipline, buckle up! 
And 3 days ago, I got fever. I cant get up from my bed, my head is heavy, my nose is congested, my throat sore, and I have chills. I skipped school that day. A…

Pilot Project

Been 4 months since I REALLY wrote here. ignore that tumblr-type posting recently. only thing that popped here and there, with I don't know what significance it can actually make. for me. *hehe
Its not because I'm busy, in my defense, but because, I dont know, when I came home from my daily routine, that exhausted & overwhelmed feeling make me too attached with this comfy bed of mine, took a very deep-non-rapid-eye-movement kind of sleep, and then flew to...I dont know what kingdom of all sleepyhead reside. please imagine a log. 
and all the things, feelings, thoughts that I already composed in my mind before, gone beyond recall. left me with that dimwitted feeling. 
and why do I write in english anyway? simple: I desperately need improvement in my english. hint: future-related. Apparently, TOEFL about 550 won't take you anywhere. I need TOEFL above 600 or IELTS score above 6.5.
I'd like to take course, but it cant be done, for now. no time, and the bigger issue is, yes…
"Children can feel, but they cannot analyse their feelings, and if the analysis is partially effected in thought, they know not how to express the result of the process in words." -Bronte, Jane Eyre.

been returned to ground zero.
"For me personally, real love isnt born until marriage. And marriage, is like a friendship bring out to the whole new level." - Hana Fedora.

Hang in there.

Hang in there, buddy. Its almost the end. Thankyou for being such a loyal friend for me in this 5 struggling years.
Another years to come, aye?