Surrounded by

Yes, I know it will be bohhh~ring if I tell you again and again of me being unwell in koas. But one thing for sure, the sum of me being sick in koas is way more often than me being sick from birth to before koas. Only two weeks gap between sickness is very possible. Actually it happens, a lot.

It proves something. My lifestyle needs improvement. 
My daily intake is randomize, I can eat more than 3 times a day, and not eat anything in the next day. I rarely took any supplements (yes, this workload need significance amount of supplements). I scarcely do sport; only once a week jogging is not enough. I drink coffee 2 cups per day. I still eat junk-food often. The list is still going on and on...

My biggest enemy is my own-selves.
I lack self-discipline when it comes to maintaining healthy life-style.
Come on, self-discipline, buckle up! 

And 3 days ago, I got fever. I cant get up from my bed, my head is heavy, my nose is congested, my throat sore, and I have chills. I skipped school that day. And I can't say enough thank you to you and you and you and all of you! I'm surrounded by lot of good friends. Still cant imagine me without you guys. Haikal took charge to be the chief of endocrine and metabolic disease subdiv, instead of me. Mega went here and there took care of my UKDI submission paper. Yasir went all the way to pharmacist to buy me antibiotics. Yafidy bought me milo nuggets (really cheer me up yaf thankyou bro haha), bear brand milk, and vitamins. And all the text/line asking whether I'm getting better. 

And 2 days before I got sick, is the day I turned 22 and till the day after, there are 3 birthday surprise, and lots and lots and lots of prayer. i'm not the birthday over-cherished type. I don't even celebrate birthday actually. But knowing that your friends are there caring for you, is a bliss I cant ruined by saying its just another ordinary day, its the day to evaluate me, its just a reminder for me that death is becoming closer and etc. No, the serious part is only for myself. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Only 6 days left to my last exam in koas & almost a month left to national exit exam, before finally I'll be titled doctor. 

Dear immune system, let's work in harmony. You know I love you, don't betray me.



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