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Been 4 months since I REALLY wrote here. ignore that tumblr-type posting recently. only thing that popped here and there, with I don't know what significance it can actually make. for me. *hehe

Its not because I'm busy, in my defense, but because, I dont know, when I came home from my daily routine, that exhausted & overwhelmed feeling make me too attached with this comfy bed of mine, took a very deep-non-rapid-eye-movement kind of sleep, and then flew to...I dont know what kingdom of all sleepyhead reside. please imagine a log. 

and all the things, feelings, thoughts that I already composed in my mind before, gone beyond recall. left me with that dimwitted feeling. 

and why do I write in english anyway?
simple: I desperately need improvement in my english. hint: future-related. Apparently, TOEFL about 550 won't take you anywhere. I need TOEFL above 600 or IELTS score above 6.5.

I'd like to take course, but it cant be done, for now. no time, and the bigger issue is, yes,  money. IELTS course in TBI costs almost a million rupiahs per month. ngek. the solution, is to practice english in daily use. and the toughest part, is writing. since I dont have anyone to talk to (in english tentu, yg ada ntar saya malah dibully karena dianggap nanaonan).

Pls forgive my grammar. I'm forcing myself to be confident writing english despite all the lack of my grammar ability. hiks.

Hope you find amusement reading me blabbering around abt nothing.
And please correct my misspell or wrong grammars or weird/incoherent writing sequence or anything.
Will be glad to. :)

Fulki Fadhila  


  1. Indeed!
    I think we have the same confusion and difficulties, but start to talk to yourself. It can help, i think. Because for me, the most difficult thing is how to gain our reflexes on speaking english. Sometimes you can write a lot of thing in english because 'you have time', but speaking is something different. That's why i pretend to speaking english to myself. Eventhough i'm still not sure about the grammar. Hahaha


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